Korinne Lowe Hamblin

Korinne began her violin studies at the age of four with world-renowned Suzuki teacher Hiroko Primrose who worked directly under Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. She was part of a select group to perform with the Utah Symphony when she was 9, which group also performed in concert with Maestro Joseph Silverstein.

During her teenage years Korinne soloed several times with different symphonies, receiving three standing ovations for her performance of Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto. At the invitation of Primrose, she spent the summer of 1994 training and teaching violin at the Punaho School of Music in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Korinne received her BA in Music from BYU in 1998, where she was 1st violinist with the BYU Philharmonic. She also studied with French-Russian violinist Nell Gotkovsky and teacher/author, Cynthia Richards.

Having attended countless Suzuki Institutes, Korinne has completed teacher training for all ten Suzuki books and continues to refresh that training every year. In addition to Hiroko Primrose, her teacher trainers include Ed Kreitman, Nancy Jackson, Joanne Bath, Alice Joy Lewis, Cathy Lee, and Christie Felsing.

Most recently, Korinne and her students joined with Helen Higa and the Punahou School of Music for the Aloha Friendship Tour of 2019. During these and other concert tours, Korinne offers Suzuki workshops for other students around the world.