We are firm believers in the teaching method and philosophy that Shinichi Suzuki developed and we absolutely love using it to enrich the lives of children as they learn to play the violin. Learning any musical instrument not only helps children develop discipline, intelligence, self-confidence, and other skill sets, but also helps develop a talent they can use in countless ways throughout their lives.

Traditional Lessons & Group

Located just off of I-65 in northern Nashville, in-person lessons are typically available during select times.  The standard tuition includes weekly private lessons and monthly group lessons.  For lesson information, please contact us to check availability.

Skype / FaceTime Lessons

The world we live in grows ever smaller as technology now enables us to connect with students around the globe! Since 2010 we have been offering Skype and Facetime lessons to students who live outside our geographical borders.  If you live outside the Nashville area, please ask us about doing the lessons online.

Video Feedback

Video Feedback is a new service we started offering, which has shown tremendous success with students, especially those out of the area.  Students text us video clips of themselves working technique, pieces, etc.  We then review those clips and send feedback via video with comments and suggestions.

Mini Camps & Master Classes

Periodically, we offer workshops/summer camps in areas around the country where we travel. Currently, those areas include Nashville, TN, Salt Lake City, UT, Philadelphia, PA, Springfield, MO, Houston, TX, Hartford, CT, and Colorado Springs, CO. If you’re near one of those areas and are interested in attending a workshop or camp, please let us know and we’ll notify you when we’re in the area.